Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3 reviews, 1 video, 1 booklet

Here are three reviews, one for the show, and two for the money... I mean, for the glory of Warren's work. I have to say that there are a few minor mistakes (I, Pedro, am not the artist, André Lemos is, I'm just the suspicious looking character) and differences of attitude - I'm always insisting this is a show on COMICS, so stop using prettied-up words... Anyways, enjoy:
Erika Howsare's article for C-Ville.com: here.
Brendan Fitzgerald's article also for C-Ville.com: here. (watch the video at the end)
And Laura Parsons' article for The Hook: here.
And here's a direct link for the small cut-out, fold-up, rock-on book Warren did for the C-Ville paper, a variation on both his oeuvre and the show. ***

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kmunson said...

Thank you for posting works by the individual artists and links to the video and slideshow. It looks like a great show, I wish I could see it live.