Friday, March 6, 2009


Being this a comics art exhibition, we do have to show also their printed dimension. Actually, as I mentioned last night on the member's opening session, a book has a very special erotic dimension to it. When you say you take a book to bed, you're not saying it as if you were taking a laptop, a kindle or a psp to bed... those are toys, instruments, etc. A book is an actual carnal partner. You look into each other's eyes until you feel faint and fall into a deep slumber, bringing down into your dreamy brain some of the images and texts you just read and saw...
Okay, enough smut already.
So, anyways, we put up two shelves: one has books with unavailable books (at the gallery) but that people can check to see how the original work exists on the pages of a book (and ready to be read, an important side to comics, I believe), and another with books for sale from most of the artists, from zines to publisher houses' fancy publications. The special award, though, goes to André Lemos' newest Opuntia book, made for the occasion, and Montesinos' companion book, Divide et Impera.
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