Saturday, March 7, 2009

Charlottesville's preliminary black blooming

Here is the book that Lemos prepared specifically for the Charlottesville show. Its full title is as follows: Charlottesville's preliminary black blooming (an amazing & epic journey of a Portuguese artist to meet the refreshing and brand new Dogwood Festival's Queen).
It has a limited run of 50 copies, it will be this print only, it was done over a single weekend and it was issued through André Lemos' own zine house, Opuntia books, of which you can find a blog (just google it).
Here's the link for a short video preview.
Apart from the gallery, you can try contacting André himself for the book, whether through Opuntia books (see above for the link) or through his own blog, Opuntia Syndrome.
They're grrreat!

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