Thursday, March 12, 2009

Links again plus a couple

I'll be posting more of what André and I drew together, what I drew in the museums and all about the incredible time we had during the opening and the few days my Portuguese pals were here. For now I'll just say they were the best houseguests we've ever had and I'm sad they aren't still here. Violet also misses "Silly-Man" and "Drawing-Man".

There are lots of things afoot about the show so I'll keep updating as they happen. Even though Pedro beat me to a few of these links I thought I'd post them again:

Laura Parsons of the local weekly The Hook gave us a great boost for the opening (Good to finally meet!)

ArtPark wrote a really great review (Thanks guys!)

Mike Rhode of ComicsDC wrote a little piece too (Nice to meet you and Sara!)

We also got shout outs from Metabunker, Poopsheet and Bill Randall.

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