Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Frédéric Coché

I'll be posting about each artist in the show - I'm sure Pedro will add more info, but here's a start...

I'm beginning with Frédéric Coché whose great work you can see displayed flat in the DeI show post below. Here's what I wrote in application for the SSG show:

Frédéric Coché (France/Germany) uses engraving to revisit art historical sources, arranging them in enigmatic sequences to subvert their original meanings and create new ones.
and here's the bio I sent them: Hortus Sanitatis

Frédéric Coché (Born in Paris, France, in 1975, he presently lives and works in Germany)

Working mostly in several techniques of engraving, Coché has three published books (Hortus Sanitatis, from Fréon, Vie et mort du héros triomphante , from Frémok, and Ars Simia Naturæ, from Oeil du Serpent), with many shorter works published in diverse European publications. He has held many solo shows in galleries across Europe showing his engravings and other work. You can check his profile at Frémok's site, from which you can access to several interviews on his several books (French only):

Coché's work is beautiful but works best in a sequence as in his amazing books. See more at Galerie La Ferronnerie - and special thanks to BN there for her help in getting his work to Charlottesville.)

In the meantime, he has also published recently Hic Sunt Leones (Frémok/Le Signe Noir), whose pages are done by a 4-grid of oil on paper drawings-cum-paintings. Here's a sample of that work:

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