Thursday, March 12, 2009

Truly grateful.

André and I had to spend a night in Washington before we flew back to Portugal. We were hosted by the lovely and charming Truly Herbert. I do not want to go into details about personal life, but I just wanted to leave a trace that we were so very lucky of meeting wonderful, welcoming people while our short stay in the States. And creative, intelligent people at that! First Warren and his family, and then Truly, and her roommate Erin. The funny thing is that Truly's home is just like a small, personal museum. She did everything, from painting to drawing, from collage to print works, from small sculptures (Bourgeois is hovering there) to plush toys-like objects d'art... We were allowed to take a few pictures, and she has no problem in us having them published here. Moreover, some of the paintings (the photos of the details are ruined, so they're not posted) include comics characters such as the Green Arrow (nerd alert?). So it all comes full circle at all times, it seems. Is there any escape... from noise?, as Negativland asked.
As I said, we were so very lucky to be surrounded with incredible talented and welcoming people. Truly was not an exception only, but the proverbial cherry on top of the cake. This trip really created an hunger to return and to become a better professional and a more creative person. I hope I can return what I learned in these few but full days in some manner.
I truly believe not many of us can become, even less so be, artists.
I truly believe everyday life mows down the necessary spirit of selfishness
I truly believe that we should understand what talent really means and make sure we water it, make sure there's enough sun, and good, fertile soil and wiggly worms too, because, well, their part of the whole thing underneath the surface. And wiggly worms are fun too.
I truly believe Truly is such a flower.

Here's a link to some more of her work. Check it out!

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