Friday, February 27, 2009

Ilan Manouach

Ilan is an immensely proficuous artist. If he's not drawing or making music, he's asleep.

Born in Athens, Greece, 1980, to where he returned after a long stint in Brussels, he has published a handful of books, whether through La Cinquième Couche - Les Lieux et les Choses qui entouraient les gens, desormais, La Mort du Cycliste, Vivre Ensemble (an oubapian exercise on Hansen's Petzi series of books) and the very recent and amazing Frag.

He has also published shorter works in Éprouvette, Glomp, and Le Coup de Grâce, coordinated book projects such as Arbres en plastique, Feuilles en papier (the French version) and The Golden Age (the Greek version).
He also has a couple of books he put out himself with drawings, such as The Horse-Headed Statue. André Lemos published A Vara do Açúcar Da Meia Noite E Nos Bordos dos Peixes through Opuntia Books. The title is a very terribly pornographic pun from English to pidgin Portuguese, but I'm not telling what it means...
Check out his site.

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igorisidor said...

Dear Pedro,
I of course agree with that description of Ilan's work. Nevertheless, I think I know who made that Petzi.
All the best,