Monday, February 16, 2009

Divide et Impera

Impera et Divide is based on an earlier show Divide et Impera that Pedro curated in 2007 for the Amadora Festival outside Lisbon. I figured an appropriate first post would be images from that great show.

Pedro's show was part of a larger and more mainstream comics festival. Milo Manara was there! Ha ha... DeI was the only real "alt" comics thing there and it was really good.

That's Pedro in the green shirt with Fabio Zimbres, pride of Brasil and one of the artists in the show. The show layout was really great - hopefully my snaps can get across how they made little pages in a huge space really work.

More important was the work itself. I had never seen work by Zimbres, Manaouch, Coché or Lee and was amazed. The work really fit with my ideas about comics and sequential art and how we can find new things in both.

Yes, people looking at MY work. ha ha... Seeing all this great stuff made me want to bring it to the U.S. - all of it straddled a line between fine art and comics, between the spinner rack and white walls and I thought showing this work in a gallery context could do something powerful. So I got with Pedro and we got to work looking for a venue in the States. More on that later, but first one more glory snap for me:


babbler said...

I look forward to seeing what gets posted on this blog as the show nears! Best of luck to you, from another artist, "Mrs. Slug"

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