Thursday, April 30, 2009

The book for sale.

Okay, people, I'm finally ready to deal out the book...
It's pretty simple: you should send payment via Paypal to the following address: pedrodonald AT (I'm writing it this way to avoid robotware to link it).
But you should send me your address to the following email: pedrovmoura AT
The books will cost 25 USD for the Americas and 18 Euros within Europe (postage included). For the rest of the world or more than one copy, please inquire.
I am sorry there's no professional site or whatever, but this is the beginning, or so I hope...

There was an unfortunate editing error that inverted the order of Andrei Molotiu's "Pym" piece. Here's the errata you can print. There is also a pdf file available, which you can request via email. My humblest apologies to Molotiu, whose work suffered this terrible blunder. I hope you can all understand.